Wire is ticket01′s powerful solution to creating a wire along arbitrary curved objects. Whether it might be electric cables, steel ropes or abstract helix-like objects, Wire is the plug-in you’re looking for. It’s been designed to be very easy to use but to deliver powerful and great looking results at the same time!

Simplicity first

Create simple straight wires in seconds or use a curve that the wire will follow. It's all up to you.


Take control of every aspect of your wire - coils, size, number of wires, direction, start and end angle and much more.

Flow control

There are even ramp curves to control the flow of the coils, the radius of the profile and radius of the entire wire. Play around, please!

Use your own style

Override the default profile and use your own custom profiles to create shapes never seen before!

Software requirements

Wire is a plug-in for Autodesk® Maya® 2016, 2016.5, 2017, 2018, 2019, 2020 running under Windows x64.


Licenses are perpetual and per node. Each initial purchase and upgrade includes 12 months of maintenance. During maintenance all updates are free of charge. Subscription customers are billed annualy at discounted upgrade prices.

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