The only professional solution available for easy creation of seams in Autodesk® Maya®. Stitch is the logical choice when it comes to any kind of professional seam creation on virtual objects. Through careful investigation of the seaming workflow of customers and their invaluable feedback, Stitch has become an evolved and mature application that leads its users to better results in less time. It's just fun to work with Stitch! 

Simplicity first

Use edge-loops on meshes directly or a curve near a mesh as seam. The stitches will cling to difficult mesh topologies thanks to geometry-adaptive algorithms.


Create stitches by total count or define a distance. Set their size, thickness, rotation and immersion. Use the built-in copy & paste to apply your settings everywhere.


Details matter! Stitch creates them for you. Whether it is hole planes or randomization for a more natural look. All is possible.

Use your own style

Whether it may be a cross stitch, a baseball stitch or a double lap seam, any type of stitch is possible. This also applies to the yarn, its profile can be set individually, making it very easy to create different looks!

Software requirements

Stitch is a plug-in for Autodesk® Maya® 2019-2024 running under Windows x64.


Licenses are perpetual and per node. Each initial purchase and upgrade includes 12 months of maintenance. During maintenance all updates are free of charge. Subscription customers are billed annualy at discounted upgrade prices.

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